Think Texture!

When talking about texture in the kitchen or bathroom, cabinetry is probably not the first thing to come to mind.  However, textured cabinetry finishes are all the rage this year! Here are just a few pictures of textured cabinet finishes.  You can see these and much more in our showroom.  Call me at 216-464-6500 to schedule an appointment.

Texture 3 Texture 1 Texture 2


Bring on the Color!

We are seeing more and more color in kitchens as of late.  Color allows you to bring your own personality into the kitchen.  We are seeing vibrant colors in the cabinetry, wall treatments, countertops, and appliances.  Yes I said appliances!

Until recently most color in kitchens were limited to wall or tile color and accessories.  Colors ranging from turquoise, to lavender  to lipstick red are invading kitchens everywhere.  Many of our cabinet companies are allowing clients to choose any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint color for their cabinet finish, giving clients more choices then they ever dreamed of.

Appliances finished in colors are a bit more limited.  Companies like Viking and Aga give clients a decent selection to choose from, while the luxury brands like LaCornue give nearly 28 standard colors, and 12 trim finishes to choose from.

Tile has always given us the option to bring in color and it won’t stop anytime soon.  We are seeing more colors in countertops being offered, yet we still see more conservative choices in countertops.

Hopefully the photos below will give you some inspiration to introduce color into your new kitchen!

Viking Red Aga Plum chateau-150-1-900x450 rutt_classic_breezes urban-revival-1-small_0 Viking Chocolate Viking Orange

The Walnut Takeover

For years, cherry wood has been a sought after wood by our clients remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms.  It has a gorgeous grain and can take stain from a light reddish/orange to a deep espresso color.  Fifteen or twenty years ago it was rare to see cherry used in cabinetry, but with its growing popularity we find that half of the kitchens we do today are cherry wood.

Those looking for a unique wood species for their cabinetry are turning to walnut.  Walnut is considered a somewhat exotic species that is a fine textured  with colors ranging from yellow-brown to a rich chocolate brown.  Because of these characteristics, walnut can be a great choice for people who don’t want the red undertones you find in cherry wood. It also is a stunning wood for contemporary designs, letting the wood itself be the focal point of the space.

Walnut is not for every budget.   It often carries a price premium and is limited to moderate to high end cabinetry, so you won’t find it in a big box store.  Expect to pay 15-25% more for walnut wood than the standard maple and oak.

Lastly, always check with your designer or the cabinet manufacturer on the availability of walnut and the variety of stains it comes in.  Some manufacturers will even make your drawer boxes from walnut for a more complete look.

Modern History Kitchen Cabinets from Wood-Mode - Small

Shades of Grey

Even before the bestselling book “Fifty Shades of Grey” started flying off the shelves, we started seeing grey cabinet sales climbing.  Right now, you might have a picture in your mind of a sterile grey that falls halfway between black and white.  But grey isn’t just grey anymore.  There are endless shades of grey, grey’s with textures, and grey’s that will simply knock your socks off!  So check out what grey can do for you!  And to see it in person…come visit our showroom!


From Drab to Fab…

Quick snapshot before the finishing touches and professional photos!

From Drab to Fab- Weeks 5 & 6

Most of weeks 5 & 6 were spent waiting for countertops to be fabricated. Unfortunately there is down time in every project because of the time needed to make the tops.  Mouldings, hardware, and adjustments to doors and drawers were made during this time.  Countertops are to be installed middle of week 6.  The rest of week 6 will be spent finishing the floors.

From Drab to Fab Week 4











Crown moulding is being installed and countertops are being templated.