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From Drab to Fab- Weeks 5 & 6

Most of weeks 5 & 6 were spent waiting for countertops to be fabricated. Unfortunately there is down time in every project because of the time needed to make the tops.  Mouldings, hardware, and adjustments to doors and drawers were made during this time.  Countertops are to be installed middle of week 6.  The rest of week 6 will be spent finishing the floors.


From Drab to Fab Week 4











Crown moulding is being installed and countertops are being templated.

From Drab to Fab- End of Week 3

Cabinets are installed and ready for countertop template!

From Drab to Fab- Week 3

Cabinets are being installed!

From Drab to Fab- Week 2

Cabinets have been torn out and rough-in’s begin! Image