Bring on the Color!

We are seeing more and more color in kitchens as of late.  Color allows you to bring your own personality into the kitchen.  We are seeing vibrant colors in the cabinetry, wall treatments, countertops, and appliances.  Yes I said appliances!

Until recently most color in kitchens were limited to wall or tile color and accessories.  Colors ranging from turquoise, to lavender  to lipstick red are invading kitchens everywhere.  Many of our cabinet companies are allowing clients to choose any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint color for their cabinet finish, giving clients more choices then they ever dreamed of.

Appliances finished in colors are a bit more limited.  Companies like Viking and Aga give clients a decent selection to choose from, while the luxury brands like LaCornue give nearly 28 standard colors, and 12 trim finishes to choose from.

Tile has always given us the option to bring in color and it won’t stop anytime soon.  We are seeing more colors in countertops being offered, yet we still see more conservative choices in countertops.

Hopefully the photos below will give you some inspiration to introduce color into your new kitchen!

Viking Red Aga Plum chateau-150-1-900x450 rutt_classic_breezes urban-revival-1-small_0 Viking Chocolate Viking Orange


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