Go High Gloss

Gone are the days when all of my clients are looking for regular paints or stains.  High gloss finishes and glass  fronts are what people are asking for now.  Believe it or not there are several ways to get that shiny look too.  You can do a standard high sheen finish, whether it be on a veneer, laminate, or thermafoil.   But I have to say that the newest technique has my vote…

It is a “glass front.”  That’s right I said “glass” not “gloss”.   The door or drawer front is a clear piece of glass with the color printed on the back of the glass.  This makes the door or drawer front much heavier than the traditional construction, but with the color printed on the inside, it’s nearly impossible to damage.  And I have to say a kitchen done in black looks even better than a black Mercedes fresh off the lot, and it almost creates a mirrored finish.

The color possibilities are endless.  White, blue, green, wood grained, graphite, purple… you name it! I will say that this technique can only truly be appreciated in person.  Anyone in the Cleveland area, give me a call @ 216.464.6500 and I can set up a time for you to see it in person.

So, you may be saying, “Gosh, I couldn’t live with my entire kitchen in high gloss.”  Well you aren’t alone.  Many people like things in moderation, and especially in a large space it can help if we mix in other materials.  Mixing it with a textured wood or laminate finish in a complimentary color, can soften the room, and keep the high gloss from being overwhelming.

So, if I’ve peaked your interest, give me a call and we can find the high gloss technique and color that will work in your space!


Nikki Trivisonno, CKD  216.464.6500



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