Trend Report

With many new companies prepared to launch new products this spring, I thought I would take a moment to point out the latest trends of 2011.

Cabinetry– Sleek style with clean lines.  You may be picturing ultra modern, but that isn’t necessarily what it means.  Basically, we are going to see less of the ornate details and carvings.  Less is more.

New Wood Species-Manufacturers are being more responsible when it comes to wood.  They are using fast growing woods like lyptus and bamboo.  Some are even creating their own “species” by using the obeche veneers and engineering them to look like mahogany, walnut, rosewood, wenge, and even rift cut oak.

Appliances– Stainless is steel the most popular finish for appliances, and it will likely stay that way many years. However more companies are coming out with a stainless finish that doesn’t show fingerprints.  I think that is something we can all get excited about!

Wardrobes– Elaborate closets aren’t just for the super-rich anymore.  Many kitchen cabinet manufacturers are adding wardrobe cabinetry to their catalogs, giving homeowners the same amount of organization in their closets as they have in their kitchen.  They have unique hanging systems, places for ties, belts, jewelry…and ladies, wait until you see what they have for all of our shoes!


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